opencart删除没有图片的产品插件No Image Disabler插件

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opencart删除没有图片的产品插件No Image Disabler插件



No Image Disabler 1.5.3
No Image Disabler 1.5.5 1.5.4,,

opencart删除没有图片的产品插件No Image Disabler插件
Scans all products in shop, checks their image file, and disables any product which does not have any image.

I found myself in need of a way to quickly disable literally thousands of products that had no image.
I found 1 extension for this purpose, but for some reason it would only disable a few products with every scan. It just wasn't effective enough for my needs.
So I made my own:
This script will loop through all categories in your shop, check every product in every category, and then disable any product which does not have an image.

Tested with OpenCart v., 1.5.4 and 1.5.5
V.1.5.3 requires VQmod.
V.1.5.5 does not require VQmod (and does not change any files)



opencart删除没有图片的产品插件No Image Disabler插件
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