opencart Seo插件SEO Pack – Ultimate – All in One

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opencart Seo插件SEO Pack - Ultimate - All in One



opencart Seo插件SEO Pack - Ultimate - All in Oneopencart Seo插件SEO Pack - Ultimate - All in Oneopencart Seo插件SEO Pack - Ultimate - All in Oneopencart Seo插件SEO Pack - Ultimate - All in One
Make your business easy-to-find on Google, Yahoo!, Bing & more!

This extension developed using intelligent algorithms in order to give you the best performance, better flexibility and it is very easy to use. Drive traffic to your website and reach millions of customer. Put your business on the top of Search Results with Search Engine Optimization.

We have developed the SEO extensions with more than 2 years of research and analysis on Search Engine Optimization for OpenCart website by monitoring more than 50 OpenCart Live websites. We are aware of the common SEO issues for any opencart website and we have developed these SEO extensions considering those issues. These SEO extension can be used by SEO professionals / Expert as well as someone who is new to SEO. We are offering the best features which other SEO extension does not offer. With no compromise in the features we have created each SEO extensions separately such that you get all the benefits of SEO. The SEO extensions are developed with the latest SEO standards and therefore the results are guaranteed. The SEO extensions are developed with white hat SEO principles. 

The developer of the SEO extensions is certified in Search Engine Optimization.

This pack consists of the following 10 extensions


  • SEO On-Page Tags Generator
  • SEO URL keyword Generator + SEO setup for Multi-language website
  • SEO Structured Data
  • SEO Canonical Links
  • XML Sitemap Generator PRO
  • SEO Image Rename Manager
  • SEO Quick Editor or Viewer
  • Broken Link Manager / Redirect Manager
  • Product Tags Generator / Internal Link Building
  • SEO Meta Tags fixes

Overall Features / Highlights


  • Title Tag for Product Pages
  • Meta-description for Product Pages
  • Meta-keyword for Product Pages
  • H1 tag for Product Pages
  • H2 tag for Product Pages
  • Image Alt tag for Product Pages
  • Image title tag for Product Pages
  • Title Tag for Category Pages
  • Meta-description for Category Pages
  • Meta-keyword for Category Pages
  • H1 tag for Category Pages
  • H2 tag for Category Pages
  • Image Alt tag for Category Pages
  • Image title tag for Category Pages
  • Title Tag for Brand Pages
  • Meta-description for Brand Pages
  • Meta-keyword for Brand Pages
  • H1 tag for Brand Pages
  • H2 tag for Brand Pages
  • Image Alt tag for Brand Pages
  • Image title tag for Brand Pages
  • Title Tag for Information Pages
  • Meta-description for Information Pages
  • Meta-keyword for Information Pages
  • You can set unlimited templates for on-page tags generation. This ensures more unique content is generated
  • Easy One Click Generation for on-page tags
  • Easy one click Clear for on-page tags
  • SEO friendly keyword conversion for non-english characters
  • Generate Product SEO URL Keyword
  • Generate Category SEO URL Keyword
  • Generate Brand SEO URL Keyword
  • Generate Information SEO URL Keyword
  • Clear all Product SEO URL Keyword
  • Clear all Category SEO URL Keyword
  • Clear all Brand SEO URL Keyword
  • Clear all Information SEO URL Keyword
  • Can be generated manually as well as automatically
  • SEO friendly URL for any routes
  • Preserve old keywords and set redirects to new path
  • Automatically detects the language of the page based on SEO keyword
  • HREFLANG implemented for international targeting
  • In-page edit fields for multi-language setup for product form page, category form page, information form page, manufacturer form page
  • Adds product page information structured data
  • Adds breadcrumbs structured data
  • Adds website information structured data
  • Adds local business information structured data
  • Adds contact information structured data
  • Adds social profile links structured data
  • OpenGraph structured data
  • Twitter Cards structured data
  • Breadcrumbs List structured data
  • Uses JSON-LD format as recommended by Google
  • Follows the up-to-date standards for structured data
  • Canonical Links (Long URL / Short URL)
  • Dynamic XML sitemap
  • SEO friendly links for dynamic XML sitemap files
  • Option to generate Raw XML sitemap files
  • Custom links to XML sitemap files
  • Supports Journal2 template blog link in XML sitemap
  • Product images inclusion
  • Product additional Images inclusion
  • Category Images inclusion
  • Brand images inclusion
  • Sitemap Index file
  • Image caption and Image Title for Image sitemap links
  • Pagination for product pages and product tags links
  • Category to Product links
  • Brand to product links
  • Renames Product Main Images
  • Renames Product Additional Images
  • Renames Category Images
  • Renames Brand Images
  • SEO friendly image filename
  • SEO friendly Non-english character conversion
  • Relocates Product images
  • Relocates Category images
  • Relocates Brand images
  • Creates folders inside specified target folder according to category assigned to product
  • Image Rename logs to track the work done
  • Easy SEO edit content for Meta-title, Meta-description, Meta-Keyword, H1, H2, Image Alt Tag, Image Title Tag, Product tags, SEO URL Keyword for Product pages, category pages, brand pages, information pages all in one single page
  • Auto Saved for edited content in quick editor
  • Hide/Show switches in quick editor
  • View Mode and Edit mode in quick editor
  • Specify number of records per page in quick editor
  • Links to open product / category / brand / information store front pages in quick editor
  • Links to open product / category / brand / information form edit pages in quick editor
  • Redirects to broken links to a working page
  • Smart Keyword detection algorithm which can redirect to relevant working pages
  • Better custom 404 Page
  • Custom 404 page HTML designer in Broken Link Manager
  • Bulk Processing Tools in Broken Link Manager
  • Tracks all 404 pages that customer hits
  • Optionally Exclude URL using Specified URL pattern in Broken Link Manager
  • Optionally Exclude URL by IP Address in Broken Link Manager
  • Optionally Exclude URL by User Agent in Broken Link Manager
  • Automatic Redirect URL setup in Broken Link Manager
  • User Agent Tracking in Broken Link Manager
  • IP Tracking in Broken Link Manager
  • Keyword based redirection
  • Admin can also set redirect for a working link
  • Auto-delete records with less number of hits
  • Generate product tags in bulk
  • Manual Mode and Auto Mode and Cron Mode for generation
  • SEO friendly keyword character conversion for non-english characters
  • Can support huge database
  • One click clear button for product tags generator
  • Stop words exclusion for product tags generation
  • Add meta-tags for Home Page (for Multi-language Websites)
  • Add meta-tags for Search Pages
  • Add meta-tags forTag Pages
  • Add meta-tags for Any routes (ex: login page, voucher page, contact page, etc…)
  • Work log tracking for each extension
  • Easy to use, no coding knowledge required
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-store support
  • Manual and Auto Mode for generation
  • Active Support
  • Documentation




opencart Seo插件SEO Pack - Ultimate - All in One
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