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opencart Tags插件SEO Tags Booster

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opencart Tags插件SEO Tags Boosteropencart Tags插件SEO Tags Boosteropencart Tags插件SEO Tags Boosteropencart Tags插件SEO Tags Boosteropencart Tags插件SEO Tags Booster


Live demo - tags listing. First tab lists all products (products index), second tab lists all tags with products that are in stock, and the third tab is a listing with all tags in the store.

Live demo - list products with tag "Apple", you can see the tag description and similar tags from this products.

Opencart Seo Tags Booster is an opencart module that I’ve recently developed. Its main purpose is to extend the basic functionality of opencart tags, providing you with a way to fill you pages with rich of keywords content.

You can assign unique description to each tag. Also you have three new listing pages in client's area with listing of tags, tags in stock and products index. Also for each tags there is a new page listing all products with this tag (at the top of the listing is the tag description + similar tags from the products with this tag).

Each tag description is also displayed in product preview page.

New v1.5:

* Added support for SEO Title, SEO Description, SEO Keywords and Page Heading per tag. This greatly boosts you pages seo, because you can set custom meta information about each tag separately. This meta information is displayed on the tag listing page.

New v1.2:

* Added three new tabs in module settings, from where you can edit Product Tags Page Seo Meta keywords and description, Index Tags Page Seo Meta keywords and description and Tags Page Seo Meta keywords and description
* Fixed bug in breadcrumb link
* Fixed bug for not properly displaying tag description if there was an HTML code in it

New v1.1 (added on customer request):

* Alphabetical filter in tag listing
* Mass update tags description from backend. Just type tags you want to update, separated with "|" and then add descriptions for that tags again separated with "|"


* Make it easier for search engines to index your content
* Improve user experience on your website. Make it easier for your customers to browse your website content by indexes and tags.
* Put unique description to each tag. You can add tons of SEO keywords to you products by just attaching a tag to them (each tag description is loaded in tag link title).
* Easy manage tags and their descriptions from the admin area
* Customizable URLs for the new tags pages
* If you previously added a tags to your products they will be transferred to the module, no need to enter them again!


More info

What to expect from this module and how to use: Read more here



If you bought the module you get unlimited support for it. Contact us anytime.

Need help, report bug or have recommendations?

Please send e - mail to tickets[ at ] or fill up the form here. You will get response ASAP.



For information how to install this module, please read the included README.txt file.

Also we offer free installation of the module if you prefer.


opencart Tags插件SEO Tags Booster
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